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Dear Editor,

The Black press? coverage of the recent death if Diana, Princess of Wales, was a disgrace. When Betty Shabbazz and Queen Mother Moore died within a few days of each other, only a month or two earlier, the Black press virtually ignored their passing. Yet both women had devoted their entire lives to working for the upliftment of Black people worldwide. Diana was an unemployed multi-millionairess white housewife who lived a jet-set lifestyle and could afford to participate in publicity stunts in Africa and other parts of the developing world. The Black press should have paid proper respect to the life and work of Betty Shabazz and Queen Mother instead of just following the white media like moronic lost sheep.

Olatunde Adelaja
East Dulwich,

Ed:Thank you very much for this for this incisive letter. We could not have put this better. We did try, though, in our Editorial which happens to be on the Diana saga.

I am a student film maker about to launch publicity for my forthcoming short film, The Futures Bright. The project has been several months in the making and I am due to shoot in the first week in February. I am writing simply to find out whether you are interested in backing the project not necessarily financially but in terms of publicity and interest in the shoot... I am looking for a Black actor to head the cast.

Chris Fretwell

Ed:Anybody who would like to assist Chris Fretwell can contact him on 01252 716 487. We need more Black film makers.
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