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One of the handicaps of being a bi-monthly publication is that important events occur, on which you are unable to give immediate comments. One such event is the reaction of some Black people to the death of Diana. Luckily, I did have the opportunity to comment, in another forum, when the Voice of America approached me for my views on the feelings of Black British people about the death. The gist of my reply was that it did - or should - not mean a thing to us. Her death was tragic as inasmuch as most deaths are tragic. Period. But I tried to explain that in Britain, far more tragic deaths occur regularly - especially within the Black community. Take Shiji Lapite. A young father briefly pops out of a restaurant. A gang of redneck policemen are lurking around. Next thing we know, the man is dead. Compare the circumstances with Diana?s. Shiji?s baby is growing up never knowing him. She does not have any of the undeserved privileges that Diana?s children have. How many people threw roses on Lapite?s grave? Which of Diana hysterical Black mourners wept at Lapite?s graveside? How many minutes? silence was held for Lapite? How many shops were closed?.....
What those weeping Black Diana apologists fail to understand is that Lapite?s death was, but for the grace of God, theirs. Believe me, that day it could have been any Black person. And this all brings to mind Malcolm X?s description of supposed Black War hero Crispus Attucks - When you threaten a dog, it runs away, but when you threaten its master, it growls and bites. Those who fail to stand up in the face of threats to their communities, then turn round to bawl on TV at the death of a figurehead are dogs. And the standpoint of the bandwagon-hopping Black media, including one radio station at SW9 which gave a nonsensical interview to the Voice of America.... It is so depressing, I do not wish to continue this.
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