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I bought an old copy of your magazine at the African market in Willesden and I read one of your stories called Drama on the tube. I am very disappointed that your writer just sat there and watched as the woman near him was being beaten up. It does not matter whether it is a lovers' tiff or not. Domestic violence is a real problem in our society and nobody should fold their arms and do nothing about it.
Camberwell, South East London

Dear sir,
In your archives are the former issues listed but no date stated and not every issue has the full contents table; actually, issue 6 shows only two entries "letters to the editors" and "community news". I would welcome at least full overview information including the publication date. Even better would be an abstract of each article.
Sincerely yours,

Dr. Haimo Handl

Work experience
Dear Editor,
I am a sixth form student from Hackney and I would like to study Media studies. I am trying to get some work experience and in your magazine for three months. I hope you will be willing to accept me.

Frank Harvey
Hackney, London

Ed: We have decided to reply to the above letter because we have received quite a few of such letters in the last couple of months. Much as we would like to help those who would like a grounding in the media, we are a small publication and do not, at this time, have the time and resources to give proper training.
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