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Undiplomatic Exchange in Nairobi

Eritrea and Sudan are locked in a disagreement which many believe will inevitably result in war. The situation has degenerated so badly that Sudanese rebels now have an office in the Eritrean capital, while Eritrea has accused Sudan of trying to kill its President - Issais Afeworki.
The conflict finally spilled over in to an undiplomatic farce at a gathering of Heads of state at a regional summit in Nairobi, Kenya, on July 9. Here Afeworki came face to face with his Sudanese counterpart Omar Hassan Al-Bashir.
The Eritrean president took to the conference floor and repeated the allegation that his government had uncovered an assassination plot against him by Al-Bashir. It is believed - at this point that Al-Bashir reacted with a personal attack on Afeworki, calling him abusive names. As this acrimonious exchange took place behind closed doors, it is hard to verify what exactly was said by whom but Afeworki gave an indiction of the content and tone of the exchange when he spoke to the press after the meeting: ?when we submitted our document to the Heads of State, informing them that we have raised the issue (of the assassination plot) in the Security Council, President Bashir handed over a written paper insulting me personally as a dictator, as a person who has come to power by eliminating opponents... What I learned from the insults and the accusations was Sudan and the government in Khartoum lacks the courage and the facts to disprove that this assassination attempt was there. He tried to smokescreen this case by calling names and insulting me.? The president also accused Sudan of plotting to kill the Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak on Mubarak?s visit to Ethiopia.
Pressed for his version of events, President Bashir retorted, angrily, that the assassination plot was fabricated by Eritreans so as to cover their ?sinister intentions toward Sudan?. He accused the Eritreans of profiting from the war in Sudan and claimed that Afeworki had come to Nairobi specifically to undermine the success of summit which was called, in part, to try to reopen peace talks between Sudan?s warring factions. As for the insults, He said he never attacked Afeworki personally but simply responded to the charges raised by the Eritrean leader.
Asked to describe what he did say, Bashir refused, saying that the meeting was a closed session and, as such, he would rather not dwell on what was said in private. He said his government was not involved in the attempt on president Mubarak and does not know the Sudanese soldier whom Eritrea says it captured trying to kill president Afeworki.
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