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Top Black journalist "grateful for slavery"

A leading African- American journalist has thanked the white slave masters for bringing his ancestors to America. Keith Richburg who was Washington Post?s correspondent in sub-saharan Africa for three and a half years expressed these sentiments in his book about his experiences in the African countries. In the book entitled ?Out of America - a Black man confronts Africa? Richburg expresses anger at the continent, for its wars, tragedies, dictators, corruption, gross injustice and human rights abuse. He expresses sadness at the ?misfortune? that Africa is the land of his ancestors.
In what is now causing controversy and divide amongst his African- American readers, Keith Richburg expressed gratitude to his ancestors for surviving their journey to the west centuries ago, as slaves, thereby enabling him to be brought up as an American. He disclaims any personal cultural bond with Africans.
He admits the book is negative because the experiences he describes in Rwanda, Somalia and Zaire have ?largely affected me, and they shaped my view and my disillusionment with Africa.? He however points out that the book should be seen as a reflection of his personal experiences and thoughts and not as any sort of historical survey of the continent.
There has been a very angry reaction at the comments in the book, not surprisingly from both Africans and radical American pan- Africanists, many of whom describe the book as inaccurate and misleading. Another prominent African- American journalist, New York times reporter Stephen Miller, who had similar experiences as Richburg spoke out in defence of the continent. Miller declared: ?I am an African American who also spent some time in Africa and who had some very horrific experiences and who had some very positive experiences. What I came back from Africa with was a balanced view of ?here is a place that has some of the worst I have ever seen and some of the best,??. He accused Richburg of wrongly concluding that Africa was a macrocosm of all the bad experiences he witnessed.
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