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Contributor: Victor Amokeodo

Those who have followed the recent trends within the Labour Party would easily deduce the import of Diane Abbott words as displayed on the magazine cover. The Labour Party is becoming more and more like the Conservative Party and in the process, it is jettisoning many of its traditional values. Those who still stick to these values - including the active defence of minorities - are falling out with the leadership. Diane Abbott spoke to us on this and other important issues affecting our community.
This issue features your regular mix of political and economic news and stories, lightened with a generous helping of arts and feature stories. One departure from the norm, though, is the absence of our Business Directory and Arts listings sections which we hope to feature, bigger and more up- to- date, in the next issue. Another change is the expansion of the Headlines section from a mere 2 pages to about 11 pages. We believe it is very important that our readers are informed about developments in Africa and the Diaspora, therefore we hope to continue to broaden this section.
Finally, I would like to inform our readers of the planned July launch of Operation Black Vote which Black Perspective is backing. Our political apathy is partly to blame for our marginalisation in society and we hope that OBV will mark the beginning of our active participation. Watch this space for more information on this.
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