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Contributor: Victor Amokeodo
James Harkess: The Hypocrisy Of The System And The New Slave Revolt

Amidst the saga of sexual depravity that surrounded last year's Harkess-Clarke case, one very pertinent detail was largely ignored - James Harkess is an extreme right winger, and he was a circuit Judge.

It is hard to tell how many cases involving Black people were handled by this man but that is academic. One must question the ethics of making a man with such convictions a judge in multi-racial Britain. One also wonders how many such right-wing judges - and indeed people in other spheres of authority - exist. It is no surprise that recent studies have revealed what we all know - that Black people are more likely to be punished, and harder than their white counterparts, for the same crimes.

James Harkess, after emigrating to South Africa in 1977, continued his unwarranted assault on Black people by taking up a post in the Bureau of Information, effectively becoming an official mouthpiece of the apartheid government which he so openly admired. It is evident from this that many of Harkess' convictions are not merely "nationalistic" as he would pretend. People like him simply have an irrational hatred for non-white people anywhere in the world. That is why they sympathise with all anti-Black regimes and rather than remain in Britain to "keep Britain white", they are prepared to travel the globe in their effort to keep non-white people down.

What the James Harkesses, Enoch Powells and their supporters fail to acknowledge is that given the size limitation of Britain, there are more descendants of white Britons living outside of Britain than there ever can be immigrants in Britain (the latest figures show that of a population of 54.8 million, there is a mere 891,000 African and African-Caribbean people and 1,480,000 Asians in Britain). The children of white `Brits' went uninvited all over the world: The United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia... and forcefully and deceptively took what did not belong to them, suppressing the indigenous peoples in the process. There are no signs that these injustices will be reversed. Rather, the descendants of these invaders continue to build on this unjust advantage.

This is what could lead to another great slave revolt here in Britain. It is true that no race or community has a monopoly of good or bad. There are good and bad white people just as there are good and bad Black people, but many Black people, at first encounter, tend to be instinctively wary of white people. Why? Because while it is easy for our enemies (the BNP, the NF, the James Harkesses etc) to identify us, it is absolutely impossible for us to identify them except when they strut around the streets with swastikas tattooed on their foreheads.

The white populace have never really thought it important to study Black people and acknowledge our opinions. They thereby reach conclusions about us from a position of ignorance. In their arrogance, they assume too many things and reach flawed conclusions on unimportant questions like why there are so many marriage breakdowns, so many mental illnesses, such a bad drug and crime problem within the Black community. No one has ever, in the long run, benefitted from ignorance and it would do good for white people to study and understand Black people like we have been forced to study and understand them. Many Black heroes who emerged within white dominated societies began their lives as criminals. The list is long: Malcolm X, Don Mattera, Eldridge Cleaver, George Jackson..... These Black men were redeemed only after (on many occasions in prison) getting educated, becoming conscious and understanding how white society has conspired - with actions like the appointment of Judge James Harkess - to keep them down. They came out great Black consciousness leaders, the scourge of racists everywhere.

In case white Britain has failed to notice - because they never think it important to do so - there are, today, a growing number of Black consciousness groups, some of which will rescue the endangered Black youth from the streets of inner city Britain, turn them into revolutionaries and let them loose on society. Then the next great slave revolt will begin in Britain and the likes of James Harkess will be annihilated. But before this event, some simple questions remain unanswered: What is the government doing - in the name of fairness - to root out all the James Harkesses from their positions of power and trust? And why - when men like Harkess still remain as judges - does the government still take the Black crime statistics so seriously?

Victor Olusegun Amokeodo
© 2004. All Rights Reserved