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So much has happened to & within the Black community in the last couple of months, it is a shame that being a bi-monthly, we are unable to cover all these issues. Prominent were comments made in the Wisden cricket monthly questioning the dedication of Black England cricketers playing against the West Indies. Well, I would not question the honour of the likes of Devon Malcolm by doubting their dedication to the team they have chosen to play for, but I am certain I speak for most Black people in the UK when I say that we always support the West Indies against England. The only part of the article to which I take offence (and which was largely neglected by a clueless mainstream media) is the statement that we withhold our support from England due to "myths of oppression" against us by the English in the past. What Nonsense! This statement ranks alongside claims that the second world war holocaust never happened. The English humiliated and dehumanised us over 400 years of slavery and colonialism and they say this is a myth. Worse still, not once have they apologised for their inhumanity. Yet the row over a Japanese apology for war crimes committed against a handful of English POWs rumbles on and on! It is such ignorance and arrogance that will make us continue to withhold our support from England. The less we are made to feel a part of this society, the less we will be willing to support the society.

Then there was Paul Condon. What can I say that has not been said? How many times has he publicly declared that 99% of perverts, football hooligans and corporate fraudsters are white? Why link race to crime only when Black people are involved? The truth is that those Black people who commit crimes do so because they are criminals and not because they are Black people.

Mr Condon's remark only served to show that we are the victims rather than the criminals. We are the victims because had the system given our children equality of opportunities with the white kid, the statistics would be very different. British discrimination has turned some of our children into muggers.

Away from the negativity of the mainstream, we have tried as usual to provide our readers with well researched, topical issues. Read Peter Herbert explain the apparent lack of support from the Society of Black Lawyers in crises facing the Black community, check out James Ogunleye's incisive reports on the state of the Barbadian and Tanzanian economies and reflect on the looming danger in South Africa and police brutality in Nigeria. Closer to home, we have recounted the embarrassing drama which one of our writers witnessed on the district line. If the protagonist is reading this, well, shame on you, sir!

Lastly we'd like our readers to watch out for the national lottery trickster whose attempt to dupe our reporter is told in our features section.
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