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Dear Editor,

I'm writing in response to the coverage or lack of it during the "Afro-Caribbean Business Exposure Exhibition". The event took place on Sunday 28th May 1995, and was said by all those who attended it to be a great success. It looks to be expanding next year to a larger venue also to include businesses from other minority groups.

In fairness, I realise the Afro-hair and beauty show was on on the same day but I am sure that many will agree that there is more to Black enterprise than the beauty industry. Furthermore, the Black entertainment awards "Base" which again proved a folly of comic proportions received copious media coverage.

I spoke to Mr Hylton, the event organiser and he felt the event would bring to the attention of the public at large the range of services on offer through the publicity generated by the event. This is something difficult for an individual or small institution to do on its own. Therefore he was said to be disheartened by the distinct lack of coverage by certain section of the Black media.

Those who did attend - including the very busy MP Diane Abbott - found the event enjoyable, well managed and organised which can rarely be said of many Black events.

Concluding, I would like to quote Malcolm X: "I'm not anti anybody. Who ever is for me, I'm for them". Its seems some in the Black media expect automatic support from the community but are not willing to provide it return.

Elton D. Mottley Jr

Walthamstow, London E17

ED: 1) The absence of the Black media is simply a failure of your publicity campaign. This publication does not remember being approached for coverage, besides, nobody is OBLIGED to cover or sponsor your event. 2) The Black Media does not expect and does not receive AUTOMATIC support from the community. Our struggle to stay alive is much more than you can appreciate. You only need to see the number of failed Black publications to realise this.


Dear Editor,

I recently attended an African market day where I was introduced to your magazine. I found it an interesting and thought provoking read. I have written a short story and hope you find it suitable for publication. How do I go about getting it published?

I Christopher,

Brixton, London SW2

Ed: We decided to reproduce this letter because we receive many of such enquiries. As a result we have listed in this issue a few guidelines for prospective contributors.
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