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This issue kicks off with an interview with the Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, Herman Ouseley. We do not seek to pass any judgement on the C.R.E. Rather, we have asked its Chairman some of the questions we think young Black people would like to ask him, and leave our readers to judge from his replies whether the CRE is relevant to them.

We also spoke former SCORE secretary, Mike Rahman, about his version of events leading up to the split in the organisation. We believe that it is only fair that Rahman defends himself against accusations made by Bernie Grant, in our maiden issue.

Besides our regular news and feature items from Africa and the Caribbean, we have included a satirical article entitled Gold Teeth, Mobile Phones and BMWs. We would like our young male readers to reflect on the message of this article,

Finally, we believe some of our readers have had a similar experience as our protagonist in this issues' fiction?, Everybody has to eat.

Victor Amokeodo

PS: In our last issue, we asked the question "Where are the Black faces?" We are proud to say that they were out on the streets in May, in the form of individuals and organisations like Black History for Action, whose relentless campaign drove the divisive play Slave Babies underground. Their action demonstrates the power of the Black community to change situations that threaten us. It's all up to us.
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