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Contributor: Victor Amokeodo

I would like to welcome readers to this new publication by saying that we really are not new. Prior to this, we published for two years as The Journal of Nigerian affairs (JNA). We decided to change our name because we had quite a few non-Nigerian readers. It was only fair that we considered them.

Like JNA before it, Black Perspective recognises that Black people are stereotyped. Many people assume that the Black community is only interested in sport, music, fashion and other such mundane pursuits. The existing Black media has largely helped this impression by concentrating on these issues alone. Black Perspective therefore proposes to go that extra mile to include serious issues affecting the Black community.

We do recognise the importance of entertainment in our community and we would not try to play down our achievements in this field. We would therefore include articles on the aforementioned areas (sport, music etc). What we promise is to balance this up with serious issues.

In the course of setting up this magazine, we met some opposition including a Bank manager who said that "there is no market for this kind of (topical, serious) publication in the Black community". He was only willing to support some music-based magazine.

I really hope we prove him wrong
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