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Dear Sir,

Mr Ogunleye's article about the success of Ghana's Economy made interesting reading. However the cautious warning at the end of his article only confirmed my doubts on the issue.

There are a few lessons to be learned from the article. President Rawlings has been the longest serving head of state of Ghana - for 14 years altogether. It is important to point out that the majority of Ghanaians have paid a heavy price in terms of jobs losses, business failures, and cuts in services, education and health. Life has become miserable - all these in its bid to meet requirement of IMF and the World Bank for the SAP programme.

The measures taken by J. Rawlings can only be implemented by a military administration. As a result of the draconian measures taken to resolve Ghana's economic disaster, since 1966, the government's image has been tarnished with human rights issues and the process of democratic reforms and management has been questioned. Let us assume that the government pays all its outstanding debts. It will still be left with the task

of spending huge sums of money to rehabilitate the deteriorating services and all other systems which have been neglected as a direct result of the measures taken by the government to revive the economy. Its seems the cost of improving the needs of the country will quickly absurd any surplus that is made and we will be back to where we started.

We all want economic recovery in Ghana, but recovery must be translated into practical reality for all Ghanaians to see and enjoy the fruits of their long sacrifices and suffering.

The VAT issue is going to determine whether J Rawlings' government will be voted back into power after in 1966. If the government intends to copy the British system, then it is making a great mistake. Ghana has not got the social security system to ease the financial burden on the needy.

Let us hope that the recovery in Ghana's economy is genuine and is not a political exercise to boost confidence of the money lenders abroad, and also to prepare Ghanaians towards the coming general elections.

Herman Kwame Afele

London SE4


Dear Editor,

I wish to use this opportunity to congratulate you and your team for the superb professionalism exhibited in you maiden edition of Black Perspective. Although the magazine has run under a different name, I join you and your readers in endorsing that Black Perspective as a title does represent the collective interests of your target audience.

Prince Oji Uwakaneme
Press Secretary,
African Advancement Council
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