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The radical Black Muslim group, the Nation of Islam has in the last few years established itself as the most influential Black organisation in the African American community. Nothing underlined this more than the million man march in Washington DC. This remains the largest political gathering in the history of the United States.

Following its successes in the US, the most logical progression for The Nation is to develop in Europe via the UK. As such, the million man march was followed closely by its UK equivalent - the thousand man march - in London. Like, and because of, its American founder, the Nation of Islam, UK, threatens to become a major force in Black politics in this country. Many Black Britons are attracted by its enigma and many mainstream groups are wary of criticising the organisation for fear of offending the Black community.

We believe, therefore, that this article is timely in that it seeks to warn potential British recruits of the illogical basis of The Nation of Islam. It is also a message to the mainstream that the Nation of Islam in no way represents the voice of Black people in this country. It is also a warning to the black "leaders" in the UK who are aware of the Nation's dark side, yet flirt with the organisation because they see it as a pathway to power. In so doing, we have raised a number of issues, which we challenge the Nation to respond to. I would like to point out that much of this story was written more than a year ago following the success of the million man march. We wanted The Nation's side of the story as part of this article, but they have remained very secretive and refused to speak to us. We have decided to go ahead with the story and if this does not elicit a response from the Nation, then nothing will.

In this issue, we publish the revealing result of a survey of press freedoms in Africa and the Caribbean. The importance of this survey must not be underestimated, as the degree of respect a government has for the rights of a people is directly linked to the degree of press freedom in that country.

Besides the above, this issue includes our usual mix of political, economic and arts stories from Africa and the Diaspora.

Finally I would like to inform our readers of the changes we have made here at Black Perspective. As a result of a survey of readers, we have decided to improve the physical quality of the magazine and reduce its frequency to quarterly. The cover price has been increased to 2.00. This is the first ever increase since we began publishing in 1995 and given the fact that no other publication in the UK publishes such important stories as comprehensively and authoritatively as we do, we are certain that our readers will agree that it is a small price to pay.
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