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Dear Mr Amokeodo,

I acknowledge receipt of issues nos. 14 and 15 of your publication. Unfortunately Issue no 15 contains inaccuracies concerning crime in Jamaica. Firstly, the circumstances surrounding the death of Alfredo Vargas, the Venezuelan Ambassador to Jamaica, were not as you reported. Initial investigation of the crime by the Jamaican police ruled out forced entry into the Vargas' residence. To date, the investigations by Venezuelan and Jamaican authorities have not changed this position and have been inconclusive as to the cause of Mr Vargas' death.

Secondly, your publication reported that crime fell by 80% in1997. This is not so. Major crimes except murder have fallen by 18 per cent in each of the last two years. The government of Jamaica will be grateful if you published these two corrections.

Byron Buckley
Communications Manager
Office of the Prime Minister
Kingston, Jamaica.

Dear Editor,

My writing to you is to try to attain and/or find a way to correspond with those that are incarcerated in the prisons over there in London. I feel that we must be in contact throughout our fight for Freedom, Justice and Equality. I see it as a must for those of us incarcerated to uplift and redeem each other so that we will not be recidivist on our release back into our communities. We cannot continue to seek help outside of ourselves, no one is going to better our conditions but us; and if we continue to do such, then we will forever be victims (no longer involuntary, but voluntary victims), performing and assisting those in their Genocidal War upon us. An elder brother and I are trying to build a bridge to fill the gap between those of us incarcerated, due to the fact that we must play a vital role in this struggle.

I am a 26 year old Black man, who has been incarcerated for the last 8 years. I am asking you as the editor of Black Perspective and who may have ties with those incarcerated brothers in London, to try to help us bring this plan into action. I thank you again for your (Our) Black Perspective, and look forward to your response.

If possible, could you please forward my name and address to those of our brothers incarcerated in London, and/or possibly publish this letter in the next newsletter. Also, please keep me informed!

Your Brother in Struggle

Brother Shaun Jackson
1 Kelley Drive
Coal Township, Pa 17866
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