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Dear Editor

I came across your magazine on a recent trip to London and I thought the story on Black people in Argentina was excellent. I am sure there are more stories like that to be told and I look forward to seeing them in future editions of your magazine.
And when will Black newspapers realise that there are literate Black people outside London? Anyway, keep up the good work.

S Pearce

Dear sir

I happened to be perusing Black Books guide and saw your publication listed within it. I am a brother in North America who has been in prison for a period of nine years. The majority of my time is spent devoted to study, dialogue, and networking with the brothers here who are striving to obtain knowledge of self. As a brother who is incarcerated and with the limited resources, the struggle is “against all odds” so to speak. However, myself and other brothers recognise the affinity we have to our brothers throughout the Diaspora and I decided to write to you in the hope of establishing a connection with my people in London who are striving to liberate the minds of our people.


J Taylor 91A2435
Box 500
Elmira, NY 14902

Ed: We very much encourage networking between Africa-Americans and Black Britons as we have so much to learn from each other. I see every conscious brother incarcerated as a potential Malcolm X. I hope our readers share this opinion and would be willing to contact Mr Taylor and the more conscious inmates at Elmira.
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