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Dear Editor
Author writing a book about Black Women & Unplanned Pregnancies seeks to interview women who’ve experienced this within the last 25 years to share their experiences regardless of the relationship circumstances (married, engaged, with a boyfriend, one night stand, rape or incest) or the outcome (abortion, adoption or kept). Names and other identifying information will be withheld. Interviews are done over the phone at author’s expense. If interested or know someone who may be, please do not hesitate to contact Rachelle Johnson via phone at (734) 741-4097; mail at P.O. Box 7803, Ann Arbor, MI 48107; or e-mail (jmar@umich.edu) Thank you for your consideration.
Rachelle Johnson


Dear Editor
Thank you kindly for the information on your new website. It was helpful. I was thrilled to see the business directory. I say this because I am very interested in writing a resource guide to African-Americans who may want to travel or do business in Europe. I have plans to come to England (within the next six months) to get first-hand information concerning Afro-British society so I would like to stay in touch with you.
Terry Plain
St. Louis, MO.,
USA (tplain@bhgh.org)

Dear Editor
Good job. Please keep posting here. We (collectively speaking) African-Americans are ignorant about a lot of things outside the shores of the USA.
Bill Smith/Africando

ED: We have, in the last couple of months, received many letters from students who want to gain job experience by working for us. This note is to pre-empt further letters by saying that we are not now in the position to take on trainees, but we are currently working on a project which will enable us to to so before the end of 1999.
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