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Contributor: Victor Amokeodo

This issue is hot on Latin America. That part of the world is seen as exotic and exciting by most people in the West, and rightfully so. What most people fail to acknowledge, however, is that these areas also have the worst cases of social injustice in the world. And as is the norm in most parts of the world, the people of darkest skin hue bear the brunt of most of these injustices. Our story on Benedita da Silva gives a hint of the injustices faced by Black people in Brazil. Despite the fact that they are by far the largest ethnic group in the country, Black people only got their first senator in the 1980s! How does begin to explain this obvious wrong?

If Brazil personifies racial injustice, then the history of Argentina is a study in racial cleansing. The authorities so effectively wiped out the Black and indigenous population in this country and replaced them with caucasians, that even the most historically conscious Argentine has difficulty in explaining what happened to the Black population which at one time accounted for 45% of Buenos Aires. To all intents and purposes, they simply disappeared like dinosaurs.

In this issue, we have taken on board the wishes of the majority of our readers by truncating the "headlines" section and increasing the number of feature stories. We also have our favourite regulars - James Ogunleye at our economics desk and Juwon Ogungbe, our roving arts correspondent. And of course, we have other regulars including our comprehensive listings of Black arts events in the UK.
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