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This issue raises the pertinent but often neglected question of why Black people take a passive stance in the fight against ideologies designed to oppress them. Although it is often brushed aside by those to whom it is addressed, it remains pertinent, moreso as - yet again - the far right creeps up on us. The article does not seek to answer this question which it raises. Rather, it hopes to make readers reflect. One or two passive Black men and women might just be won over.

In this issue, we have tried to include more news items and in coming issues, we intend to devote a larger section of the magazine to news from all over Africa and the Caribbean.

We have published the first part of our directory of Black owned or controlled businesses and organisations. We believe this will be invaluable to our readers. Each issue will deal with different sectors, so look out for the directory of Clubs and Associations next. Due to the high turnover of Black businesses, the directory cannot be 100% accurate, but we hope to fine tune it as we go along.

We believe we have kept to our promise of writing about serious issues in non-academic language. We have also tried to balance the seriousness with light though not trivial entertainment. Let those who understand sit back and enjoy Trouble in the Amen Corner which, really, is an anonymous contribution.
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